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We offer our clients comprehensive IT services in the B2B sector.
We design IT solutions tailored to the needs of Your business.


Our goal is to support the processes taking place in our clients companies. Thanks to this support, we give perspectives on thriving business development and achieving success in the industry. That is why we are guided by the mission: "IT for the success of your business" . If you ask us where do we want to see ourself in few years, we will answer - a business partner you trust in.


Our team consists of enthusiasts of modern technologies and ergonomic solutions. They are young and creative people, for whom nothing is impossible. We constantly improve our skills to meet the most difficult challenges in the field of IT.

If you are looking for a business partner for comprehensive IT services for your company that will not only help you organize your IT infrastructure, design effective solutions and help you with constant IT support, please contact us.

Our team consists of certified specialists in many technologies


Dedicated IT solutions tailored to the needs of Your company

Dedicated programming solutions

Applications, created on a regular basis, business, technical support and management.

Comarch ERP Systems

Systems for comprehensive management of Your company, which we will adapt to your company's needs.


Modern websites and online stores that help you increase sales and increase your popularity on the Internet.

Complex IT service

Outsourcing of IT services will make your IT base work more efficiently, You and Your employees will have more time for basic duties.

IT Equipment

Sales of IT equipment adapted to the processes taking place in your company.

IT consulting and training

Professional help and consultancy of specialists and training in the field of computer science that will improve the operation of your company.

ERP Systems

We offer our clients effective ERP-class IT systems,
so that managing your company's resources becomes more efficient and simple than ever before.

Solutions for Your Company

System do efektywnego zarządzania przedsiębiorstwem - Comarch ERP XL

Comarch ERP

We implement both modular and integrated systems. We offer solutions of our partners, including Comarch ERP and our proprietary systems. We precede each implementation with a thorough analysis of a given company, thanks to which we propose only solutions that are tailored to the needs of a specific company.

We offer ERP systems for small, medium and large companies. The solutions we propose will prove successful in many sectors of the economy, including in manufacturing companies, trade, administration, finances, telecommunications or the medical sector.

Comarch systems are ready for the introduction of the Uniform Audit File (JPK)


Are you looking for ready IT solutions? We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products, thanks to which you will simplify many processes in the company.

Booking system CentroSPORT

CentroSPORT is an intuitive online booking system dedicated in particular to hairdressers, fitness clubs, dance schools, gyms and other sports facilities that require their users to sign up for classes.


If the bank in which Your company runs the account does not provide a bank statement in a format compatible with your program. Our solution allows you to convert statements to a format compatible with your Comarch ERP system.


Online system enabling: Production planning, production registration, quality control, reporting, automatic notifications etc. Cooperating with Comarch ERP XL, Comarch ERP Optima systems

CentroCRM cooperating with Comarch ERP XL, Comarch ERP Optima systems

Planning relationships with clients, recordings of notes, preview of stock levels, integration with the Central Statistical Office, VIES, indicators, reports, offers, collecting orders, automatic notifications...

CentroCP customer panel cooperating with Comarch ERP XL, Comarch ERP Optima systems

Platform for placing wholesale orders via a web application. The system is intended for business customers. CentroCP is our proprietary solution that will improve the sales processes in your company. We have ready integrations with Comarch ERP systems.

Work registration system, CentroDESK

The CentroDESK system is dedicated to IT companies, accounting offices, offices and design departments, and wherever it is necessary to register work performed for the client and to conduct projects.


If you think you should join our team - write.
We are happy to familiarize you with your application documents.

Praca w firmie Centroinf Sp. z o. o.

Inculator of ERP Systems

The person employed in this position will be responsible for the implementation of ERP software, the implementation of individual solutions to existing software, and IT support for current clients.

IT Support Specialist

The person employed in this position will be responsible for receiving notifications from the company's clients as the first Helpdesk line, providing IT advice, as well as installations and configurations of computer hardware and mobile devices.

.Net Developer

The person employed in this position will be responsible for creating and developing applications in .Net technology, and creating technical documentation.


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